About the project

What’s the Striking Voices project?

Striking Voices is an Australian Research Council-funded research project (DE220100103; 2022-2025) with young people (10-23 years old) involved in climate justice activism. 

Who is behind Striking Voices?

We’re a team of young climate justice organisers (Natasha Abhayawickrama, Sophie Chiew, Netta Maiava and Dani Villafana) and an education researcher (Eve Mayes). Ruchira Talukdar is the project team’s mentor, and Rachel Finneran is supporting the project administration. The project has been co-designed by the research team in consultation with the project’s First Nations/ First Peoples Critical Reference Group and Stakeholder Reference Group. The website banner, project logo and cartoons on this website were created by @jessharwoodart. 

Why do this project? 

This project is hoping to amplify young people’s stories of climate justice action, bringing together stories of young people across a range of places, communities, backgrounds and grassroots groups. The project is drawing attention to why many young people are taking action towards climate justice, the different ways of taking action, the highs and lows of taking action, and how schools are responding to young people’s concerns about climate change and justice.  Those involved in this project have the opportunity to define ‘climate action’ and ‘climate justice’ in their own terms, as they understand and practice it. 

What will the project produce?

We hope to create a number of outputs that are of interest and benefit to the public, to those involved in climate mobilising, and to schools, including: 

  • A paperback book amplifying young people’s stories of action (with stories and photographs)
  • Video/visual and written resources, developed in consultation with climate justice groups
  • A teaching and learning framework for climate justice across subject areas for secondary schools.

Project team

Eve Mayes

Project lead

Natasha Abhaya-wickrama

Research Associate

Sophie Chiew

Research Associate

Netta Maiava

Research Associate

Dani Villafaña

Research Associate

Rachel Finneran

Data manager

Ruchira Talukdar

Project mentor


Dimension 1. Conditions for climate justice

This dimension of the project considers the historical, socio-political and environmental conditions that have given rise to young people engaging in climate justice organising and campaigning in Australia.


Young people who are attending events/ actions (10-23 years old)

Climate justice networks/ groups/ organisations and organisers (across ages)


Do a 20 min survey:

Have a quick chat (2-10 min) and/ or share a photo

Have a longer conversation (40 min-1 hr) – mentors


Dimension 2. Striking voices

This dimension explores how school-aged young people are taking action on climate change in multiple ways, within and beyond schools.


Young people who identify as having been involved in climate justice action/ activism(s) in recent years, as a school student (past or present) (10-23 years old)


Have one or two longer conversations (40 min-1 hr) over a 3-6 month period, share 1-8 photos/ files, and/ or be part of a Zoom group discussion


Dimension 3. School climate for justice (2024)

This dimension will consider the role and work of schools in climate justice.


Four secondary school communities (students, teachers, leaders, parents/ community): Further details to come in late 2023/ 2024. Please contact eve.mayes@deakin.edu.au if your school is interested.


How do I become a Participant?

If you’re interested in participating – click here


Publications coming soon

Publications coming soon


Resources coming soon

Resources coming soon


For project inquiries, please contact eve.mayes@deakin.edu.au